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International Travel Protection



International Travel Protection

The Centurion Group has been providing International Travel Protection Teams since 1989. We have provided advance teams as well as post travel teams that return vehicles and settle all business transactions for our numerous clients. All of our staff members have backgrounds in international travel and are well versed in cultural awareness for any foreign state you plan on traveling within. The Centurion Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service available in the International Travel Protection industry.

The Centurion Group has provided International Travel Protection within the following countries:

  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • China
  • Japan
  • New Guinea
  • Russia
  • India
  • Philippines
  • Columbia
  • Mexico
  • Various African States
  • And much more...

Close supervision of field personnel results in accurate and complete records of security events or incidents. We maintain command and monitoring centers, staffed 24/7, and in constant contact with field supervisors and senior management if necessary. We've developed an in-house Information Management System (IMS) that is capable of delivering mission critical information to Centurion Group employees in the field, both in a timely and secure manner. Whether it's a patrol officer at a homeowner association's gate kiosk, or a roaming field supervisor at numerous locations across the Greater Los Angeles area, the Centurion Group IMS keeps all of our professionals armed with the latest information about our clients and associates.

We provide services to many facilities and organizations in Southern California encompassing a broad array of institutions from schools to shipping facilities, museums, houses of worship and hospitals. We patrol housing developments and construction sites, monitor cameras and alarm systems, and are ready to support your security needs 24/7.

Our achievements have been professionally recognized in the media but more importantly by clients through our extraordinary retention rate. Performing beyond client and industry expectations has attributed to our ongoing growth and success, and we are driven to meet and exceed client needs as our roadmap for the future.

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